1. Today on the show, we tell the story of Paavo Ruotsalainen and Finnish Christianity.
  2. Today on the show, we tell the story of Guillaume Briçonnet, a man caught between stability and reform.
  3. In this episode, The Thinking Fellows address the idea that the Reformation is not worthy of celebration but is lamentable.
  4. Following Augustine's proposition that prayer can lead to a cooperative relationship between God's will and man's, Paulson, the alternative prayer that Luther highlights with the petition "Thy will be done."
  5. Dr. Paulson talks about how monastic life and satisfaction for sin outside of Christ harm not only the gospel but our understanding of the law.
  6. In honor of the upcoming Reformation Day, Craig and Troy discuss the history, background, and gospel importance of the Lutheran Reformation.
  7. John Hoyum joins Caleb Keith to answer some listener questions.
  8. Dr. Paulson and Caleb discuss Philip Melanchthon and the 1521 Loci Communes.
  9. As a continuation of the last episode, Dr. Paulson explains that the goal of Erasmus's skepticism is a calculated submission.
  10. Paulson confronts Erasmus's propositions about remaining in unknowing.