1. This is an excerpt from “The Alien and the Proper: Luther's Two-Fold Righteousness in Controversy, Ministry, and Citizenship,” edited by Robert Kolb (1517 Publishing, 2023).
  2. When the church is a political actor, the gospel doesn’t have the final word.
  3. Kelsi chats with acclaimed hip hop and rap artist, Flame, about why he has found a home in the doctrines and beliefs of Lutheranism.
  4. The good news is that with our God there is always more: more than we deserve, dare, ask, or expect, more than we can see, hear, feel, or think.
  5. St. Paul extends to us the call to arms. In particular, there is one weapon which is effective against so elusive an enemy. The weapon is prayer.
  6. Finding the balance between indifferentism and obsessiveness has never been easy, and it’s especially difficult in our environment.
  7. History is the painful realization that we aren’t the ones who can save the world but, rather, we’re the ones who get saved.
  8. Here's the king, but where's his crown? Craig and Troy discuss the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.
  9. In writing City of God, Augustine sought to demonstrate that the events of 410 were but a glimpse of all history.
  10. Mike and Wade discuss the two kingdoms (or spheres, realms, etc.) and the Christian life as part of both church and state in light of the fourth chapter of Althaus' The Ethics of Martin Luther for Wade's PHI 201 course.
  11. Need a break from philanthropic looting and virtue signaling? Sit down in your nice new Pottery Barn fluffy sofa, grab your oat milk latte from the ‘bucks and join a real revolution: Ringside.

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