1. Author and poet, Tanner Olson, joins Kelsi to talk about creativity and communicating hope.
  2. The Holy Spirit isn’t so much the one you look at, as he is the one who turns you from looking at yourself and your sin to your Savior, Jesus.
  3. In the sacrament, we receive an earnest of that future promise here and now in the body and blood of Jesus given and shed for us.
  4. Today on the Christian History Almanac podcast, we look at one of the most important writers in modern English, and a dissenter during the Enlightenment.
  5. The story of salvation is the true story of God doing his unexpected work of salvation for us.
  6. A set of Holy Week poems written and published first by Tanner Olson on his website, writtentospeak.com.
  7. Today I would like to share The Legend of the Dogwood, inspired by the words of Stoney Cooper.
  8. What we discover in O’Connor’s stories and Martin Luther’s theology is that God’s grace is elusive because the human heart is resistant to it.
  9. Today on the Christian History Almanac podcast, we remember the great Welsh poet and priest George Herbert.
  10. Reading includes, on some level, striving. Hearing, on the other hand, remains passive.

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