1. So-Cal District Convention
  2. Erasmus and the Unintended Reformation
  3. This is a companion article to “Johann Spangenberg on Dying Well”
  4. In part 3 of Gretchen Ronnevik's conversation with Amy Mantravadi, they discuss specifically the unusual marriage of Martin Luther and Katharaina Von Bora.
  5. In this episode Gretchen Ronnevik talks with Amy Mantravadi about the monastic life, and in particular, the nunnery of Katharina Von Bora, before she escaped and married Martin Luther.
  6. Strasbourg’s hymnals are especially relevant to American Lutherans because much of what we experience in our churches comes to us from Strasbourg.
  7. While Katie finishes up some family stuff, Gretchen invites on Amy Mantravadi to talk about writing about the reformation.
  8. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-FIVE, Mike, Jason, and Wade discuss the head, the heart, and where Christianity should aim.
  9. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of these early Lutheran hymns – and their physical availability in hymnals – in the piety of common people living in Lutheran towns and territories.
  10. The Battle of Frankenhausen stands as a warning for what can happen when we abandon the Word God has given us and chase after some vision of our own imaginations.
  11. Love Will Keep Us Together. In this episode, we discuss the Song of Habakkuk, Martin Luther’s commentary on the song, Jesus as the foundation of reality, why mirrors are dangerous, trans-humanism, pop culture, church architecture, consumerism, why liturgy is an expression of the truth, how the Holy Spirit covers all things in meaning, and how the sacrament anchors earth to heaven.
  12. Day Trippin’. In this episode, we talk about Easter, altars, cosmic mountains, church history, open fonts, restored virtue, saints, angels, powers of darkness, idols, icons, images, searching for the truth, and how Jesus is the archetype of all archetypes, and in between we read Luther on the Old Testament by Heinrich Bornkamm.

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