1. I found in Jonathan Edwards an unexpected voice articulating beautiful aspects of death through the lens of Christ.
  2. By death the Christian is brought to the actual possession of all his happiness, which is nothing other than Christ and all the benefits Christ has procured for His saints.
  3. One now finds Edwards frequently commenting on the beautiful things about nature, life, and Christ, and he also manifests a creative perception of beauty when considering the most morose of topics: Death.
  4. Jesus continues to do the same for me and for you as he did for his disciples. He still shows up for us. He still speaks his peace to us.
  5. What if the dissonance in this calendrical coincidence can be harmonized into a deeper melody?
  6. In this episode of Outside Ourselves, pastor and professor, Ken Jones, helps tackle the question, "What Does it Mean to Die a Good Death?"
  7. My goal here isn’t to selfishly reflect on all the reasons I will miss Rod because I know that if you are reading this, you may miss this man, too.
  8. Simple Man. In this episode, we read G.K. Chesterton and discuss everything from simple living to the death and resurrection of Christ as the foundation of reality, the higher meaning of cups, and why a tomato is just a tomato.
  9. A “good death” and “good life” are not accomplished through personal striving but are grasped by faith in the promises of God.
  10. Death is just a natural part of life . . . right? Quite the opposite.
  11. We know that death does not have the last word in Christ.

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