1. Tick, Tick, Boom. In this episode of Banned Books, we discuss Romans 3 while reading Philip Melanchthon’s commentary on Paul’s epistle. The main topics of conversation are the limitations of the law, faith that saves, gratuitous forgiveness and the living, and the present tense power of the gospel.
  2. This is a companion article to “Johann Spangenberg on Dying Well”
  3. Zwingli the Pastor provides an excellent introduction to the Swiss reformer’s life and work, focusing on Zwingli’s philosophy of church reform, biographical details, and mode of exegesis.
  4. A “good death” and “good life” are not accomplished through personal striving but are grasped by faith in the promises of God.
  5. 1517 Resources to help Celebrate Reformation Day
  6. If we take the article of justification out of the center, very soon we will not know why we are evangelical Christians or should remain so.-Hans J. Iwand
  7. Today on the Christian History Almanac podcast, we consider the life and works of a multifaceted and kaleidoscopic enigma (!) Johann Gerhard.
  8. God is placing us in new situations. His unchanging and utterly reliable Word provides our only anchor.
  9. Attempting to escape the errors of medieval Catholic thinking, Agricola ended up making the same mistake of conflating law and gospel.
  10. Charles V, for all his power, his lands, and his riches, was ultimately unable to hinder the spread of the precious Gospel.
  11. You can call me any day or night. Call me! In this episode, we read Martin Luther’s verbosely titled treatise, “That a Christian Assembly or Congregation has the Right and Power to Judge all Teaching and to Call, Appoint, and Dismiss Teachers, Established and Proven by Scripture." We discuss ordination, church authority, the doctrine of the pastoral call, and much more.
  12. Jesus purifies His own and ends their identification as unfit to appear in His presence or in front of other people as the person we identify as our true self.

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