1. Today on the show, we remember a central figure in the British Enlightenment and the move towards toleration in the English church.
  2. We Are Live! In this episode, we recorded a live show at the Here We Still Stand 2022 conference, so of course, we read Nietzsche and discussed salvation.
  3. Logos theology is a theology of presence without division. It is a way of unification, of which the incarnation is the greatest visible example.
  4. Stoicism’s opening premise fails to understand that, from its conception, the heart is a thorny bramble.
  5. Good, we tend to think, is the absence of evil. But this reversal of the formula can only have disastrous consequences.
  6. The Thinking Fellows talk about the importance and relevance of studying history.
  7. Dan Deen returns to do one more episode on why you should read and study philosophy.
  8. Caleb and Scott are joined by Dr. Dan Deen to discuss the relevance of studying philosophy.
  9. False holiness is always a possession and achievement of the individual in isolation from the good of others. And so it isn’t holiness at all.
  10. The Thinking Fellows make a case for reading old books.

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