1. Love Amongst The Cling-Ons. In this episode, we discuss Philip Melanchthon’s Loci Communes, focusing our attention on justification, faith, love, and prayer.
  2. This is a Q&A for 1517 Publishing’s newest release, “How Melanchthon Helped Luther Discover the Gospel,” by Lowell C. Green. This release also marks the launch of our new Melanchthon Library.
  3. The way to salvation does not consist in works invented by men, but that which leads to God is believing and trusting in Him.
  4. Except for the Augsburg Confession, Melanchthon’s Loci communes of 1521 were the most important of his writings.
  5. Dr. Paulson and Caleb discuss Philip Melanchthon and the 1521 Loci Communes.
  6. Trusting in Christ’s promise of new life and deliverance powers our ability to view the world with perceptive sensitivity and, therefore, to treat others fairly in the way we think and the way we experience life.
  7. The scope of catechesis from the Reformation was broad and included not only instruction at church but in the home and in schools.
  8. For what end does the Law exist? The Law exposes us so that we might find the remedy in the person and work of Jesus.
  9. Drs. Rod Rosenbladt, Scott Keith, & Adam Francisco along with Caleb Keith will be traveling to Bergen, Noway in August to participate in Lutheran Study Days.
  10. On this episode Wade and Dr. Keith square off over two influential characters in the early Reformation: Philip Melanchthon and Matthias Flacius Illyricus.

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