Amy Mantravadi

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Spiritual Anorexia

In this episode Gretchen Ronnevik talks with Amy Mantravadi about the monastic


Reformation History with Amy Mantravadi

While Katie finishes up some family stuff, Gretchen invites on Amy Mantravadi


Johann Spangenberg on Living Well

This is a companion article to “Johann Spangenberg on Dying Well”

The Battle of Frankenhausen and the Ruin of Thomas Müntzer

The Battle of Frankenhausen stands as a warning for what can happen when we abandon the Word God has given us and chase after some vision of our own imaginations.

The Threefold Justification of the Resurrection

The profound significance of Christ’s resurrection comes from the threefold justification it provides: it justifies the sinner, the sinner’s hope, and God himself.

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