Amy Mantravadi

Amy Mantravadi lives in Dayton, Ohio with her husband, Jai, and their son, Thomas. She holds a B.A. in biblical literature and political science from Taylor University and received her M.A. in international security from King's College London. In addition to writing essays on theological topics, she has published three historical fiction novels and hopes to publish two more set during the early years of the Reformation.  She also previously hosted the (A)Millennial podcast.  Amy enjoys geeking out about history, geeking out about theology, and playing with her son. 

The Necessity of Human Forgivness

Amy Mantravadi asks if we should forgive others even if they are not repentant

Jesus Through Medieval Eyes- A Book Review

Amy Mantravadi reviews a new book about Medieval perceptions of Jesus

We Do Not Choose Our Crosses

We do not choose our struggles, but there is One who has chosen to always be with us.

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