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  1. The Thinking Fellows discuss sanctification, a doctrine from which Lutherans and other Protestants differ significantly.
  2. Tick, Tick, Boom. In this episode of Banned Books, we discuss Romans 3 while reading Philip Melanchthon’s commentary on Paul’s epistle. The main topics of conversation are the limitations of the law, faith that saves, gratuitous forgiveness and the living, and the present tense power of the gospel.
  3. Justification is famously called the article upon which the church stands or falls. It is the article upon which The Lutheran Reformation stood boldly and confessed the Scriptural truth that we are made right before God by grace through faith on account of Christ alone.
  4. This is an excerpt from “Confession and Absolution” by John T. Pless in Common Places in Theology: A Curated Collection of Essays from Lutheran Quarterly, edited by Mark Mattes, (1517 Publishing 2023).
  5. The Thinking Fellows discuss the doctrine of man. What is humanity? What is human nature? What does it mean that man is sinful?
  6. The Thinking Fellows are live from the Here We Still Stand regional event in North West Arkansas.
  7. One way or another, Rod always found a way to bring whatever story he was telling back to the gospel and God's grace in Christ.
  8. In this article Amy Mantravadi give a short but helpful summary of the differences in Lutheran and Reformed thought regarding assurance.
  9. The Parable of the Lawless, Polygamist Groom. In this episode, we discuss the parable of the ten virgins as preached by John Piper. We converse about law and promise, red herrings, who’s wise and foolish in the parable, the bondage of the will and the doctrine of election, and the consequences for hearers of such parabolic sermons.
  10. 1517 Resources to help Celebrate Reformation Day
  11. If we take the article of justification out of the center, very soon we will not know why we are evangelical Christians or should remain so.-Hans J. Iwand
  12. Today on the Christian History Almanac podcast, we consider the life and works of a multifaceted and kaleidoscopic enigma (!) Johann Gerhard.

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