1. When we recognize the reality of our insignificance as individuals and as a human race, we begin to marvel and cherish this grace of God more fully.
  2. By looking to Him in faith we receive healing and eternal life through the salvation He bore for us on the cross and secured in His resurrection.
  3. The Gospel is so clear, so simple, so pure in these verses that it is well worth heralding as is, without comment.
  4. The Law does its work of killing so we are drawn to Christ who makes us alive by His death and resurrection.
  5. Christianity is not principally about ethics. It was the Cross on the Hill rather than the Sermon on the Mount which produced the impact of Christianity on the world.
  6. Belief in Jesus is no longer a given. Today, we need to make a case. Today, we must give an account.
  7. The promise between God and Abraham reflects God’s relationship with all of His people, which includes the Church, and through the Church to each one of us.
  8. God's is the greatest love expressed through the greatest risk, the only and ultimate sacrifice of God for a love that will endure forever.
  9. A death dealing diagnosis is hard to hear and even harder to endure, but when God is in control it leads to a new vision of life.

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