1. Jesus loved the crowds. Then He sent His disciples to participate in His work among them. He continues the same movement today.
  2. We can use this avian imagery to help us talk about how God pictures His salvation for Israel at Mount Sinai and then, by extension, to see the greater salvation God has given us in Jesus at Mount Calvary.
  3. The main point Paul gets at in Romans concerns what God has done in the One, Jesus the Messiah, the rightful heir of God’s earthly Kingdom.
  4. Hosea portrays God in a very intimate and husbandly way, reaching out to the one He loves when love is abused and lost.
  5. Our righteousness, along with Father Abraham’s, is found in the dying and rising of Jesus Christ, whom God promised to Abraham and has given for us all.
  6. When it is all said and done, a disciple’s testimony about Jesus is what matters most.
  7. A multi-day workshop for pastors to hone the Craft of Preaching
  8. Too often sermons are like treadmills: Lots of work that takes us nowhere. Better for your sermon to be like an escalator: Move your people onward and upward in faith.
  9. That He did on the cross and through the resurrection was the good work of God by which He has redeemed and restored all of creation, including you, back into a right relationship with God.
  10. There could not be a better day for remembering baptism (the direction of Peter’s sermon) than this, the Festival of the Holy Trinity.

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