1. David and Adam talk about Friedrich Nietzsche's parable of the madman and its implications for thinking about morality and ethics.
  2. Do we have an obligation to find and furnish evidence for our beliefs?
  3. David and Adam use an old Greek myth as the starting point for a conversation about confirmation bias and other shortcomings to understand and make sense of things.
  4. David and Adam reflect on the parable of the invisible gardener, which John Wisdom (1904-1993) and Antony Flew (1923-2010) developed to illustrate epistemological and linguistic issues associated with theology.
  5. David and Adam talk about the epistemologies and apologetics of Mormonism, Islam, and Christianity.
  6. Some resources for thinking about faith and reason
  7. This episode covers realism, nominalism, and much more in under 40 minutes.
  8. David and Adam talk with Dr. Abigail Favale (of Notre Dame University) about sex, gender, and feminism. You can purchase her outstanding books here.
  9. David and Adam explore the role that reason plays in a life of faith lived in today's world.
  10. David and Adam recall their time as students and professors in higher education and discuss the issues associated with being a Christian in academia today.
  11. David and Adam reflect on the nature of truth in a post-truth age while discussing the controversy concerning Uri Berliner, NPR, and its new CEO.
  12. David and Adam reflect on the Christian disposition toward politics in general and American politics in particular.