1. It’s Hip to Be Square. In this episode, we discuss the errors of high anthropology, the kingdom of God, theology of glory, theology of the world, realized eschatology, adding “isms” to Christianity, the necessity of the embodied Word of God, John’s gospel, Colossians, and real antinomianism while reading False Presence of the Kingdom by Jacques Ellul.
  2. David and Adam reflect on the Christian disposition toward politics in general and American politics in particular.
  3. Regardless of background or beliefs, every American I talk to seems on edge, as if the sky were about to fall. But the sky is not falling.
  4. Hamas attacked Israel on October 7th, 2023; the bloody conflict leaves some Christians asking theological questions about the modern state of Israel.
  5. Paul is writing as a man who has already lived a life of law-keeping while denying the resurrection.
  6. Today on the show, we remember the curious story of America’s first Congressional Chaplain.
  7. When the church is a political actor, the gospel doesn’t have the final word.
  8. For our 101st episode, we are answering more listener questions, since we received so many.
  9. Finding the balance between indifferentism and obsessiveness has never been easy, and it’s especially difficult in our environment.
  10. So what, if anything, makes us different from those who are waiting on the grassy knoll in Dallas, TX? Can we be any more sure of our belief in the resurrection?

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