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1517 Music exists to create music that points people to Christ crucified in every season. We serve the church and individual Christians through original music releases, hymn sing events, and other liturgical resources.


Listen to our recent releases below from 1517 Music and Friends. 


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Freedom Lessons

Have you ever wondered what Luther's Small Catechism would sound like as a hip-hop record? Find out Spring of 2023.


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Video Library

1517 Music has created live music videos of multiple hymns and songs that have been performed at our conferences as well as for specific church seasons.



Advent Songs + Charts

1517 Music has created new charts on hymns and liturgies that can be used by churches today. You can download them here.



When it comes to the Book of Concord, there are really two types of people: those who read the contents and see a series of rap albums, and those who aren’t Flame.

So, what do we pray? What do we say? In times of fear, in times of chaos, in unprecedented times, we pray and say the words that have been written on our hearts.

If you are familiar with the Book of Common Prayer, you know that while much of its contents are meant to be sung, there is no music in the prayer book. For Ryan and Melissa Flanigan, who release music under the name Liturgical Folk...

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We believe music is an important part of sharing the gospel. It is a creative and beautiful way to share these truths discovered again in the reformation. Would you consider joining us?

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Music Events

Chad Bird
Adoration of the Lamb
Gretchen Ronnevik
Women's Retreat Weekend
Bror Erickson
Faith Alone