1. Isn’t That A Daisy? In this episode, we discuss Friedrich Schleiermacher’s Good Friday sermon, focusing on preaching the cross, where to locate sin, what effect the law has on our external works, and why a proclaimer is necessary to get the Gospel.
  2. Today on the show, we remember a central figure in the British Enlightenment and the move towards toleration in the English church.
  3. We Are Live! In this episode, we recorded a live show at the Here We Still Stand 2022 conference, so of course, we read Nietzsche and discussed salvation.
  4. Craig and Troy love Psalm 51 because of the truth it speaks: we are sinful, and God is gracious. When God cleanses, we are indeed made clean.
  5. Even from the moment of the Fall, God has never left us without His gracious promise of redemption. God moves first to cover us.
  6. Satan didn't lie, but he told Adam and Eve exactly what would happen. The only thing he didn't say is whether or not they would like it.
  7. The struggle is real. That is to say, the struggle with sin. Can we make ourselves holy? Can we find within ourselves the strength to make it better?
  8. The Thinking Fellows talk about the importance and relevance of studying history.
  9. Dan Deen returns to do one more episode on why you should read and study philosophy.
  10. Caleb and Scott are joined by Dr. Dan Deen to discuss the relevance of studying philosophy.
  11. The Thinking Fellows revisit the doctrine of sin.