1. When the historical importance of revivalism is understood, one can appreciate that the question, “Could America experience another revival?” is also a question about the fate of Christianity in America.
  2. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY, Mike and Wade (has anyone seen Jason anywhere lately?) discuss the history of the terms “protestant,” “evangelical,” “catholic,” and “orthodox.”
  3. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY-NINE, Mike, Jason, and Wade discuss Christianity and paganism.
  4. David and Adam reflect on the Christian disposition toward politics in general and American politics in particular.
  5. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY, Jason, Mike, and Wade are joined by our colleague and friend, the Rev. Dr. Joel Pless.
  6. Where have all the Christians gone? New research reveals that this question is becoming more common as Americans abandon Christianity.
  7. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY-FOUR, Wade and Jason discuss the Salem Witch Trial with Dr. Aaron Palmer, Wade’s colleague in the history department and our school chair.
  8. In the few weeks while Craig finishes up his move to Minnesota and while Troy digs himself out from under an avalanche of writing and research, For You Radio takes the opportunity to revisit some of our favorite episodes.
  9. We invited our friend, Mike Cosper back on to talk about his article he recently wrote for Chrsitianity Today about Tim Keller.
  10. As Gen Z and Gen Alpha grow into adolescence and early adulthood, what hope should we have for the future of the church?
  11. The Thinking Fellows weigh on one of the most tense issues that affect Churches.

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