1. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-THREE, Mike, Wade (even though he was just supposed to work the board), Jason, Nick Schmoller, and Dave Scharf discuss Lutheran higher education and the formation of students.
  2. The Thinking Fellows talk about confirmation bias. Is there a benefit to regularly engaging with disagreeable ideas?
  3. Dr. Paulson explores Luther's rebuttal of the adage "Knowledge is Power."
  4. The Thinking Fellows explore the reasons why students go to college.
  5. The Thinking Fellows make a case for reading old books.
  6. We have special guest, Aimee Byrd, on today to talk about her journey in being a woman who studies theology. She shares the purpose on each of her books and how they build off of one another, leading up to her most recent book that we are discussing today on Biblical manhood and womanhood.
  7. We finish up our conversation with Heidi Goehmann on the relationship between mental health and theology.
  8. It's Gretchen's turn to talk about books that have been influential on her life.
  9. We are talking about books that have shaped our faith, and we come back to again, and again, and again. Time to load up your summer reading plan, because we have some good ones.
  10. In this episode we are answering a question sent into us, about when it's ok to say "no" to being pulled into serving in a ministry. We talk about how we don't always "feel like" being involved, and also manipulation, and the "savior complex" we slip into so easily.

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