Craig Donofrio

Craig Donofrio is the Pastor of St. James Lutheran Church in Cleveland, OH. He began his ministry after graduating from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis in 1998 with an M.Div. Craig has served congregations from New London, CT to Pasadena, CA. After serving as a missionary based out of the Czech Republic, he moved to Cleveland to serve as the Pastor of St. James Lutheran Church where he co-hosts the 1517 podcast, “For You Radio." Craig has been a personality in radio and podcasting since 1993.


Give me oil for my lamp!

Why make Christmas a time of rushing and dashing around, when instead we could


Thanks for the fleas!

When Black Friday comes, are you still thankful?


Rites, rituals, and righteousness

Spurred on by last week's conversation, Craig and Troy discuss how tradition is


Advent Anticipation Through the Ages

When and how did the church start this season of anticipation?

That was not me

Sometimes in hanging on to our useless guilt, we are idolaters. We believe our sin or conscience is more powerful than our God.

The word, Word

The power of the Word of God is the power of God himself, for he is always faithful to his Word.

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