Daniel Deen

Dr. Daniel Deen is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Concordia University Irvine. He earned his Ph.D. from Florida State University in 2015. His philosophical thought leans toward virtue epistemological perspectives in religious and scientific epistemology, with a strong penchant for dialogue between science and religion, Christ and culture. In other words, he is committed to that philosophical ideal of promoting great conversations.


Why You Should Read a Little More Philosophy

Dan Deen returns to do one more episode on why you should read and study


Why You Should Study Philosophy

Caleb and Scott are joined by Dr. Dan Deen to discuss the relevance of studying


Science and the Bible with Dan Deen

Debi talks with the Professor of Philosophy, Dan Deen, about common


Thank God for Evolution

I am not going to give an apology for evolution as a scientific theory. Rather, I am wondering if the normal way of discussing evolutionary science within conservative Christianity has blinded us to certain fruitful uses of the theory.

Mordor and Evangelism (Part 2)

Much like Jacob wrestling with God in the desert, we find our intellectual hips continuously put out of joint as we engage the culture around us.

Mordor and Evangelism (Part 1)

Mordor’s bleak existence and the successful salvific mission of Frodo and Samwise is what makes Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings such a psychologically enjoyable epic.

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