1. The nefarious thing about idolatry is that just about anything can become your idol: career, family, fame, wealth, status, spouse, you name it, any good thing can become a ‘god-thing” with ease. 
  2. Righteousness before God is possessed only by grace and that through the currency of faith.
  3. History is the painful realization that we aren’t the ones who can save the world but, rather, we’re the ones who get saved.
  4. Even for idolatrous sellouts like you and me, God’s position has not changed. Even though we may have forgotten him, he never forgets us.
  5. The thought of losing even one of those for whom his Son died pains God beyond belief, and the angels rejoice when even one of his children repents.
  6. Join the Ringside Preachers for a live community conversation
  7. If you and I were to examine our own lives, we’d likely have to admit that we are frequent disciples of Jeroboam’s “bootleg religion.”
  8. The irony of our idolatry is that many of our idols could and would speak the gospel to us if we would listen.
  9. Join the Ringside Preachers for a live community conversation
  10. As we face our own struggles and successes, let us pray that we may be humble. Let us be grateful for whatever God has provided and not become arrogant in what we have or what we've lost.
  11. Calling on the God’s vengeance, this militant prayer is aimed against the enemies of God and his people.

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