1. Monday Night Men's Gathering
  2. Family Camp Week #9
  3. Tuscarora Conference Center
  4. A multi-day workshop for pastors to hone the Craft of Preaching
  5. As we work through some prescriptive vs descriptive passages of the Bible, especially in regard to women, we start with Tamar, and how she falls in line to Jesus' genealogy.
  6. The Christ Key: Unlocking the Mystery of Jesus in the Old Testament
  7. Christ is all over the Old Testament, this is true. But can we see Him even in the most vile places? At the request of a listener, Craig and Troy descend into the dark bowels and darker deeds of Judges 19, where they find the peace of Christ in the pieces of a concubine.
  8. Old Testament Scholar and author Chad Bird rejoins Craig and Troy for a continuing discussion on Christ in the Old Testament. Today we look at a few specific examples and learn how to find Him there.
  9. Craig and Troy are joined by author and Old Testament Scholar Chad Bird. Together, they discuss how Christ is the key that unlocks all the treasures of the Old Testament to us.
  10. Is Proverbs 31 inspiring or burdening to women? Is it a passage that's just for women? What do you think when you think about Proverbs 31? Where is the gospel in this passage?
  11. The Christ Key: Unlocking the Mystery of Jesus in the Old Testament
  12. Limping With God: Jacob & and Old Testament Guide to Messy Discipleship

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