1. The Lord’s prayer is a prayer in perfect accord with the will of God, and Jesus gifts it to us to plagiarize at will.
  2. Living on a Prayer! In this episode, we discuss the collects of Thomas Cranmer, which turns into a discussion of the collects of Veit Dietrich, which then turns into a discussion about a myriad of other topics regarding the Reformation teaching on prayer and vocation.
  3. A father's struggle to pray for his child's healing is one of the most difficult experiences he can face.
  4. Psalm 102 starts out with a description of desolation. Chaos, unrest, shame, desolation among the ruins.
  5. Oftentimes we interpret our prayers through the lens of our emotions, or our passion behind the prayers we pray. When those prayers aren't answered the way we want, we examine the level of passion, or our method of prayer, to see what needs to be fixed.
  6. Women's Retreat Weekend
  7. Everyone feels awkward praying. Performance anxiety and perfectionism can paralyze us in prayer. Praying is not about us, it's about Christ for us.
  8. Lenten Series at Cathedral Church of the Advent
  9. The answer to our messages is God's "yes," Jesus, who sends his preachers to proclaim that there's no place for us now other than in the grip of our God and Savior.
  10. When we pray to Jesus, we pray to the King's right hand. We know one who has the Father's ear, respect and trust. And the one who intercedes for us is still one of us, with nail-pierced hands.
  11. God is not calling us to “grow up.” He is calling us to dependence.
  12. We are all learning how to pray God’s Word together.

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