1. On this episode of Preaching the Text, John Hoyum and Steve Paulson discuss Christ's prayer to the Father before his betrayal and crucifixion. In this prayer, we overhear the Son's address to his Father in love.
  2. Dr. Paulson concludes the lessons on the Lord's Prayer.
  3. In this episode, Dr. Paulson discusses how the pure comfort of the Gospel overcomes evil.
  4. In this episode, Dr Paulson and Caleb discuss how God does not tempt us with sin but is our sole deliverer from the devil, the world, and our sinful flesh.
  5. In this episode, Dr. Paulson discusses how God forgives us and sends us as agents of His forgiveness out into the world.
  6. What does it mean to pray for the Kingdom of God?
  7. He shows up when we are at our worst to usher us back to his side, lead us to repentance, rescue us, and reclaim us as his own.
  8. Sometimes, we get prayer dementia. We can’t remember what we were going to pray for, we can’t put the words together, and, frustrated, there is nothing we can do but sigh and groan.
  9. Psalm 40- David declares his innocence in this Psalm.
  10. Psalm 125: This episode meditates on being surrounded and bless by our loving God.
  11. Chad digs deep into the riches of this Psalm. We hear of the gift of family, and are encouraged to rest in Christ's loving care for our loved ones.

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