1. David and Adam reflect on the parable of the invisible gardener, which John Wisdom (1904-1993) and Antony Flew (1923-2010) developed to illustrate epistemological and linguistic issues associated with theology.
  2. David and Adam talk about the epistemologies and apologetics of Mormonism, Islam, and Christianity.
  3. he Thinking Fellows discuss the basic methodological principles of theology.
  4. This is an excerpt from chapter 9 of “What Can Really Know?: The Strengths and Limits of Human Understanding” by David Andersen (1517 Publishing, 2023).
  5. Caleb, Adam, and Bruce revisit the relationship between faith and reason.
  6. As a part of new episodes on apologetic conversations, the Thinking Fellows revisit questions about epistemology. Instead of tackling the topic from a wholly academic standpoint, the show turns to practical examples about how and why it is important to question why you believe something.
  7. The Fellows discuss the importance of knowing why you believe. As part of this discussion, the hosts share some stories and explain the personal impact apologetics had on their lives.
  8. In this the second episode of The Soul of Christianity we discuss how The Creed is the summation of what we believe. It’s the answer to the fight over the divinity and humanity of Christ.. Words like suffered, died, bled, crucified were contested. We take those descriptions for granted now when they were not believed before.
  9. Today, the fellows dive back into apologetics. Talking about epistemology, we discuss the necessary link between historical data and theological knowledge
  10. Thank you to our listeners who pushed the Thinking Fellows through a fantastic first year of podcasting. To kick off year two, we are answering listeners questions on air. Sit back, relax, grab a drink, and enjoy the show.

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