1. Family Camp Week #9
  2. Adults of All Ages Camp
  3. Our righteousness, along with Father Abraham’s, is found in the dying and rising of Jesus Christ, whom God promised to Abraham and has given for us all.
  4. In this episode of Tough Texts, Scott Keith and Daniel Emery Price will be diving into Matthew 15:21-28, a passage that challenges our understanding of faith in Christ and His mercy.
  5. Faith Alone
  6. Oftentimes we interpret our prayers through the lens of our emotions, or our passion behind the prayers we pray. When those prayers aren't answered the way we want, we examine the level of passion, or our method of prayer, to see what needs to be fixed.
  7. Writer Jane Grizzle talks on what the body’s limitations can teach us about God’s work for us.
  8. Psalm 123 contains some of the most beautiful descriptions of the life of faith, describing how we look to God until “He shall be gracious to us” as we wait in hope.
  9. The hardest thing you and I will ever be called to do is to believe that it is done already, that it really and truly is finished.

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