1. Nearly two decades ago, Pope Benedict XVI (formerly Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger) delivered what is often called the Regensburg lecture. Though it was meant to rekindle the relationship between faith and reason (or science and theology) in higher education, much of the world—or at least the Muslim majority world—got distracted by a brief reference he made to a fifteenth-century dialogue about Islam, its theological voluntarism, and the consequences of such a view of God.
  2. David and Adam have spent the last two and half months exploring both the philosophical and scientific evidence for God's existence and the historical evidence for the resurrection and deity of Jesus.
  3. The first Christians believed Jesus was Lord and God. This episode explores how this could be given the monotheism of Judaism.
  4. Biochemist Dr. Michael Behe joins David and Adam in this special episode of the Faith and Reason Exchange where they talk about Dr. Behe's life's work demonstrating the failure of Darwin's theory of evolution and promoting the theory of intelligent design.
  5. In this book club episode, we discuss "Art and Faith" by Makoto Fujimura. This was a book recommended to us, and we sort out the parts of this book that we appreciated, and the parts where we would disagree.
  6. David and Adam continue their conversation about the historical reasons for believing in Jesus' resurrection from the dead.
  7. In today's episode of Tough Texts, Daniel Emery Price and Scott Keith explore a critical conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus in John 3:1-8.
  8. On this episode of Outside Ourselves, Kelsi is joined by Jon and Justin of ⁠ @THEOCAST ⁠ to talk about all things having to do with gospel clarity.
  9. David and Adam begin to build a case for the resurrection of Jesus using minimal and uncontested facts from history—beginning with the crucifixion and death of Jesus.
  10. David and Adam continue their series on the reasonableness of Christianity. In this episode, they cover recent New Testament scholarship on the Gospels as biography and eyewitness testimony.

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