1. Encore presentation: Steve Lownes returned to the studio to help Craig and Troy work out their relationship, but instead we end up talking more about the intersection of theology and therapy.
  2. Encore presentation: Therapist Steve Lownes joins Craig and Troy for a discussion on theology and therapy. How are they the same, and how are they different?
  3. In this episode, Dr Paulson and Caleb discuss how God does not tempt us with sin but is our sole deliverer from the devil, the world, and our sinful flesh.
  4. Nearly two decades ago, Pope Benedict XVI (formerly Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger) delivered what is often called the Regensburg lecture. Though it was meant to rekindle the relationship between faith and reason (or science and theology) in higher education, much of the world—or at least the Muslim majority world—got distracted by a brief reference he made to a fifteenth-century dialogue about Islam, its theological voluntarism, and the consequences of such a view of God.
  5. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY-SIX, Mike and Wade are joined by Prof. Joshua Johnson from the college to discuss education as formation. Despite Wade’s best efforts, the guys got a little distracted at a few points, but we think it was fun, and the topic is one we hope to return to in the future.
  6. n today's episode of Tough Texts, Scott Keith and Daniel Emery Price focus on Matthew 7:12-14, a passage that carries profound significance in shaping our Christian life and understanding of salvation.
  7. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-NINE, Wade, Mike, and Jason discuss theology as a practicus habitus (a practical aptitude or habitude or habit).
  8. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-THREE, Mike, Wade (even though he was just supposed to work the board), Jason, Nick Schmoller, and Dave Scharf discuss Lutheran higher education and the formation of students.
  9. It’s the Cross, Stupid. In this episode, we discuss how God makes a theologian of the cross, how the theology of glory infiltrates churches and their doctrine, and how the cross of Christ reveals the truth about human history.
  10. Honey, Where Did This Thing Come From? In this episode, we discuss the Lord’s Supper, early church tradition, worship, and the question, “Where did this come from?” At the same time, we read Dr. Norman Nagel’s essay, “Medicine of Immortality and Antidote against Death.”
  11. Distinct, But Not Divided. In this episode, we discuss the Christian doctrine of the two kingdoms and its consequences for the Christian life while reading James Nestigen's "The Two Kingdoms Distinction."