1. By making a big deal of every baptism, of every confirmation, of every rite of matrimony, the Church takes a stand against the intrusion of consumerism, secularism, identity politics, subversive subcultures, gender dysphoria, and the like.
  2. The power of the Word of God is the power of God himself, for he is always faithful to his Word.
  3. Don't lose hope. Don't avoid church on Sunday morning.
  4. The worship service is less like servants entering the throne room to wait on the king’s needs and more like a father joining his family around the dining room table.
  5. Craig and Troy come back for another round of discussion on the Lord's Supper: the what and the why and the where, but never the how.
  6. In the Lord's Supper we receive an enormous gift. Why make it more complicated than what Jesus says?
  7. Just as the disciples on the road to Emmaus recognized Jesus in the breaking of the bread, so we, through the working of the Holy Spirit, recognize our Lord in the Word and Sacraments.
  8. When you are stripped down to nothing, desperate, lowly, you will again know what she knows: the crumbs are enough, Jesus is enough, for you.
  9. Here, robed in Word and Sacrament, is your King, infant though He be, come out of eternity into time to bring you out of time and into eternity.
  10. Christ is present in the pure preaching of the gospel. And if Christ is present, then we have entered into the domain of the sacraments.
  11. Big or small, potential or certain, the despair we may grapple with during this time of year tends to find its end in the fact that things are not as they should be.
  12. Jesus is both the image bearer and the image giver. In Jesus’ incarnation we are redeemed and re-imaged.

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