1. Job is given something so much more comforting than an explanation: He is assured of God’s nearer presence.
  2. Ultimately, God’s plan is not just for nations and politics. His plan is one of salvation, seen ultimately fulfilled in Christ.
  3. In order to find hope, you would have to run a marathon through your Bible to find where God reverses the curse on another tree!
  4. To be a Christian, to be perfectly sane, is to appear in this world like you are crazy. That is, we will look and sound like Jesus.
  5. Like Jacob, sinners approach the Heavenly Father wearing the clothes of their older brother, Jesus.
  6. Through His Word, Jesus is fashioning and forming us to be His disciples who follow Him. It is important on this first Sunday after Pentecost that we remember to put worship (sabbath) first.
  7. God always seems to work through that which is least likely to work, so that all glory is ascribed to Him.
  8. We look on the face of God in Christ and rejoice on account of His shed blood and righteousness which sets us free to be the people of God.
  9. Gideon accepts the call of the Lord whole-heartedly . . . well actually no.

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