1. Men's Retreat
  2. Men's Retreat
  3. The Law does its work of killing so we are drawn to Christ who makes us alive by His death and resurrection.
  4. The promise between God and Abraham reflects God’s relationship with all of His people, which includes the Church, and through the Church to each one of us.
  5. The number forty calls to remembrance narratives of God’s great acts of redemption, but also our conformity to and participation in those narratives.
  6. Job as a type of Christ.
  7. Abraham had a daring confidence that God would reveal a saving work to him on that mountain.
  8. We are the fruit that grows from the branch, which extends from the trunk of the tree, which is rooted in the soil that it grows out of, which is all Christ.
  9. At the Transfiguration, we say farewell to alleluia and hello to the horrific reality of our lost condition.
  10. Before we set out for that Lenten journey, though, we meet with God on many mountains with Elijah and Moses, and through the same number of valleys with them as well.
  11. Jesus is the very incarnation of the comfort Isaiah speaks of. He is the Word of God shining in a weary and dark world.

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