1. Does it ever feel like you just can't be a good enough Christian, or do all the things you want to do?
  2. The undercurrent of Scripture is the sheer fact that Jehovah God is a God of his word.
  3. This Christmas season we are thankful that even though we “fallers” are unable to climb up to God, he came down the ladder to us.
  4. Extraordinary Grace for Ordinary People
  5. Dr. Paulson continues to talk about trial by observing the different ways the story of Abraham has been taught.
  6. The new life Christ opened for us in His justifying resurrection, the new life into which we were baptized is a life of faith.
  7. When we come to God with our faithful obedience to make a case for our just cause, we expect to hear his deliverance in the form of a "yes."
  8. You gotta serve/work for/obey/be of use to somebody . . . will it be for selfish gathering of treasures that fade and decay, or will it be service that comes from a sincere faith and a pure heart?
  9. Let's be honest: your Heavenly mansion is not going to be that big, and it gets smaller with every room addition that you plan. Craig and Troy work through Jesus' warnings to not be a hypocrite.