1. You’re not new because of what you do. You’re new and so you do new things, even in spite of yourself, because of your sinful nature.
  2. Sometimes in hanging on to our useless guilt, we are idolaters. We believe our sin or conscience is more powerful than our God.
  3. The Psalms of David: Words From a Sinner After God's Own Heart
  4. If you are going to lose your life for the gospel’s sake, you must begin by hearing it.
  5. There’s no possibility of understanding the grace of Romans 6 and the glory of Romans 8 unless you identify with the excruciating struggle of Romans 7.
  6. A two day event designed to center your faith in the limitless grace of God found in the gospel of Jesus Christ
  7. The world we inhabit is wrong in so many ways, and a holistic approach to this “wrongness” traces its cause both to sin itself and to the effects of sin.
  8. Mary is blessed, because Mary knows the way God works and because she knows His promises, and she knows that in her womb grows her savior.
  9. Forgiveness is ours, Luther continually proclaimed, because Christ has put His claim on our sins and taken them as His own to the Cross and into His tomb.

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