1. Like Jacob, sinners approach the Heavenly Father wearing the clothes of their older brother, Jesus.
  2. God always seems to work through that which is least likely to work, so that all glory is ascribed to Him.
  3. What we do much less of, even in Christian circles, is recognize just how pervasive sin is, such that it has thoroughly corrupted us.
  4. Gideon accepts the call of the Lord whole-heartedly . . . well actually no.
  5. God chose Russell Brand, chose to defy his fast-escaping life and drink up all his swift-running sin in the River Thames.
  6. The story of Deborah, Barak, and Jael is interesting and complicated.
  7. The Lord calls Gideon while he is hiding out in a winepress for fear of the Midianites.
  8. Five promises were seemingly all those apostles, staring into the sky, had to go on. Five promises that were more than enough.
  9. Elsewhere makes promises that can’t be kept, but God’s promises are secure, reliable, and certain.
  10. It's easy to have courage when things go well.
  11. In today's episode of Tough Texts, Scott Keith and Daniel Emery Price discuss Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son Isaac in Genesis 22:1-14.

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