1. The Battle of Frankenhausen stands as a warning for what can happen when we abandon the Word God has given us and chase after some vision of our own imaginations.
  2. Dr. Paulson is back to give commentary on his Luther's Outlaw God series of books.
  3. Elsewhere makes promises that can’t be kept, but God’s promises are secure, reliable, and certain.
  4. Like the serpent on the pole, God still puts real-life things up for us to look to for salvation.
  5. Don’t get in the habit (or, if you already do it, get out of the habit) of saying, “I could never talk about these things the way my pastor does.”
  6. In this episode, Gretchen Ronnevik and Katie Koplin talk about the impact of story on our theological understanding, and the use of story in the life of Christians.
  7. In the first episode of 2024, Kelsi chats with 1517 Scholar in Residence, Chad Bird, about the benefits to reading the Bible in a Year, some helpful and guiltless ways to approach this goal and reading Scripture in general.
  8. How are we filled with the knowledge and spirtiual wisdom and understanding of God?
  9. The wicked and arrogant think they can prey upon the poor with impunity. Not so. Chad meditates on God hiding himself, it seems especially in times of trouble. Lament, interrogation of God and David’s frustration help us to see that though the work dis full injustice, God is closer than we think, and God invites us to cry and complain to Him. Izzi Ray sings “Why”
  10. The power of the words that procede from the mouth of God. Wow, Chad has lots of gems in this podcast. Rebekah Caggegi sings "I Love Your Words".
  11. David and Adam continue their series on the reasonableness of Christianity. In this episode, they cover recent New Testament scholarship on the Gospels as biography and eyewitness testimony.

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