1. What does it mean to be steadfast? How does vocation relate to location? In this episode, Gretchen and Katie discuss the theology of place, as it relates to the ongoing conversation of patience and hope.
  2. Judas, Peter, and you are all betrayers of Jesus, and yet He does the work necessary to forgive your sins.
  3. Peter's profound promises to perfectly protect the progeny of the Padre putter out. Jesus is tormented to His core knowing what He is about to face, but commits Himself for you.
  4. We continue our conversation with Nancy Guthrie and how life changing it can be to find Christ in the Old Testament--and not just in the prophecies. It's transformative, and as she would say, there's nothing more practical.
  5. The Thinking Fellows talk about confirmation bias. Is there a benefit to regularly engaging with disagreeable ideas?
  6. The day of Jesus' death races ever nearer, and we see both a woman who believes upon Him and a man who betrays Him.
  7. Dr. Paulson explores Luther's rebuttal of the adage "Knowledge is Power."
  8. Craig and Troy discuss a very familiar parable which is very often interpreted incorrectly. Your works don't count. Oh, and substantival participles.