1. What is the difference of being a theology of the cross, and the theology of glory?
  2. If man can save himself, what need is there for the cross or the Gospel?
  3. If everyone would just live by the rules, the world would be a better place, wouldn’t it?
  4. To be human is to be preoccupied with averting pain and despair. But despair gets a bad rap.
  5. Live from Here We Still Stand 2018 the Thinking Fellows recorded a special episode with Jim Nestingen and Steve Paulson.
  6. The following is an excerpt from the introduction to Theology of the Cross: Reflections on Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation written by Steve Paulson and edited by Kelsi Klembara and Caleb Keith (1517 Publishing, 2018).
  7. But these good works aren’t done under compulsion. They’re done freely. They aren’t done so that God will love us. They’re done because He loves us.
  8. For all its stewing, regret ironically does not truly focus on the past. Often it is more concerned with the present and the future and how they would be if only we had done something differently.
  9. The Heidelberg Disputation represents the first time that Reformational theology emerges as a whole.

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