1. Psalm 45 gives us a beautiful description of a wedding, and much more for those with eyes of faith, for we see in this Psalm a beautiful picture of ehat to look forward to in eternity.
  2. Just like there is pressure to have Instagram-worthy devotions everyday, there can be a pressure to have family devotions--with your husband leading.
  3. Gretchen and Katie talk about love and forgiveness, particularly when it comes to marriage. They talk about what forgiveness does and doesn't do, and how forgivness enables us to be our honest selves with our spouse.
  4. Man and woman together are complete. Apart, they are incomplete. The two correspond and form “one flesh” when combined in sexual relationships and as helpmates.
  5. It’s God’s love that sets us free to love in the first place.
  6. Undue Protestant antipathies toward Mary have muted not only her place in redemption history and its necessary connection to Christology, but also the virtue of virginity.
  7. In this 2nd episode in the 2-part discussion on marriage, Katie and Gretchen discuss forgiveness in marriage. Where does it come from? What does it mean? What doesn't it mean? While both comforting and painful, forgiveness in marriage comes from outside of us, for us.
  8. In this episode, we bring on Katie's husband, Dallas, and Gretchen's husband, Knut, as we start talk about marriage and how poor theology can lead to unhealthy expectations.
  9. "Joseph, being a just man, was unwilling to put her to shame." The young woman Mary turns up pregnant before the wedding, and what is a fiancé to do?
  10. Gretchen and Katie, two women who are married with kids, sit around and talk about singleness. hey unpack the false idea that it is in marriage that we find our sanctification and fulfilled Christian life.
  11. Unlike human marriage, which is marred by sin, Jesus never seeks to divorce us due to irreconcilable differences.

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