1. Psalm 36 Kirsten Ford sings "From the Waters of Eden"
  2. Psalm 147 meditates on God's wondrous rule over all of His creation, and His loving care for His children.
  3. Part one of a two part meditation on this grace filled Psalm. John Andrew Schreiner sings "Your Mercy Is Over Us".
  4. Psalm 139 shows us God's loving care, for looking after us wherever we are.
  5. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY-SEVEN, Jason, Mike and Wade discuss faith, hope, and love.
  6. In difficult times, we can take comfort in the knowledge that Christ has defeated death forever, that His name will be confessed as Lord by the whole world, and we will be with Him, because of His great love.
  7. In this first of 2 episodes on Psalm 135 Chad talks about our plenteous supply of other gods, and meditates on how the God aboves all gods cares for us.
  8. Psalm 125: This episode meditates on being surrounded and bless by our loving God.
  9. In today's episode of Tough Texts, we jump into Judges 11:29-40, a strange and concerning passage that raises thought-provoking questions about how we try to make deals with God.
  10. Dr. Lydia Jaeger discusses her book, Ordinary Splendor, with Kelsi and the implications of the doctrine of creation for the Christian's life.
  11. Is your happiness an indicator of God's relationship with you? Are emotions a good indicator of divine revelation?

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