TOPIC INDEXJesus Christ (27)
  1. The Thinking Fellows introduce the doctrine of Christ. They discuss why topics like the two natures in Christ, the communication of attributes, and the co-equality of the trinity matter.
  2. In this episode, Dr. Paulson proclaims the defeat of sin, death, and the devil.
  3. Happy Easter from the Thinking Fellows. This week, Scott, Adam, and Caleb talk about the centrality and reliability of the Ressurection of Jesus Christ.
  4. Dr. Paulson details the difference between seeing time through the Law and seeing time through the Gospel using the parable of the talents.
  5. In the last episode of Outlaw God, Dr. Paulson gave an overview of Judas and his betrayal of Jesus.
  6. Dr. Paulson highlights the problem of necessity as it relates to the betrayal of Jesus.
  7. When sin comes out of the shadows and makes itself known, Christians can rest in and declare Christ's resurrection.
  8. Caleb and Scott read and discuss the first three articles of the Augsburg Confession and the Apology.
  9. Luther’s short sermon on the second article of the Apostles’ Creed is short but significant in its call that Christ and this article be constantly preached throughout the year.
  10. On this episode, Dr. Paulson talks about why theologians have to make distinctions.
  11. Scott and Caleb are joined by Chad Bird to talk about his new book, Unveiling Mercy.
  12. On this episode, Dr. Paulson talks about how God acts and breaks into history.

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