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  1. There is someone outside of I, someone outside of you, that our faith and hope is in.
  2. Scott Hall may not have been a theologian or a preacher but for me, at that moment he might as well have been.
  3. Jesus did not come because we had our act together. He came because we couldn’t get our act together.
  4. The miracle of the gift of faith is very much like the Christmas star. It came without invitation. It came without our deciding to accept it. It came without us choosing to believe it was true.
  5. You have heard it said that "Dead men tell no tales." “Ah, but they do tell tales!” says I.
  6. With a new year comes many new things. In the corporate world, we again introduced to our yearly performance review.
  7. I am often haunted by my past. I am daily haunted by what I should be doing.
  8. There was a TV show back in the ‘90s called “Dinosaurs” that I used to sneak into the living room at night to watch.
  9. In the United States Marine Corps, part of my training involved Enemy Prisoner of War (EPW) handling. The 6 rules of EPW handling are:
  10. I cannot recall how many times I sang along to this theme song, punching and kicking as a kid in the 80s. But much of my desire to join the Marine Corps had its genesis in the 80s cartoon “G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.”
  11. The words “gift of righteousness” will bring about two completely polar opposite feelings: One of Dread. One of Relief.
  12. “Obey God and he will bless you,” says the wind and the reed is bent over and bruised throughout. “God will never stop loving you but you can disappoint him,” says the wind and the once lit candle is now a sad smoldering wick.

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