TOPIC INDEXJesus Christ (10)
  1. Seasons of prolonged suffering have a way of beating your spirit down into the dust. Relational suffering. Physical suffering. Emotional suffering. Financial suffering.
  2. If you are going to memorize a passage of Scripture, can I suggest these two verses?
  3. Oh Come, see Him loving you before He was ever even born.
  4. There are mornings I wake up beleaguered by my past sins. It is almost as though my conscience waits until I am too tired to fight it, and then it wages its war against me.
  5. The disciples and Christ have just finished their last meal together. The disciples, of course, didn't know this, but Jesus did.
  6. I have the easiest time remembering all the good things I have done. How I was kind in the face of anger.
  7. You are free to love your children without any expectations because you have been loved immeasurably.
  8. I woke up this morning feeling restless. It could be the 7,000 holiday calories I have eaten every day for the past two weeks or it could be that a new year has started and so follows the resolutions.
  9. Have you ever experienced the awkwardness of meeting someone you really enjoy and thinking that it was the start of beautiful friendship, only to find out that they didn’t feel the same way?
  10. This verse is often applied like a Band-Aid over a gushing wound. Someone is depressed? Tell them to think about whatever is honorable. Someone is angry? Tell them that they should think about what they justly deserve.