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  1. The Thinking Fellows introduce the doctrine of Christ. They discuss why topics like the two natures in Christ, the communication of attributes, and the co-equality of the trinity matter.
  2. Logos theology is a theology of presence without division. It is a way of unification, of which the incarnation is the greatest visible example.
  3. To say that whoever loves has been born of God is also to say that those who are born of God are recipients of love. They do not have God because they love but because they are loved.
  4. You might not know it, but every Christian hopes for the day when their faith will die. Really. I promise. Faith’s death is our celebration.
  5. Grace does not emancipate us from any requirement of obedience. Rather, grace allows Jesus to be obedient on our behalf that the righteous demands of the law can be fulfilled.
  6. Jesus offers to the anxious soul the one thing it ironically wants: certainty of the good.
  7. There is joy in Lent, but it is the kind of joy that comes in being made whole.
  8. To the extent that God is exclusive by offering salvation only through Christ we can say he is more gracious than other systems because he takes on our guilt upon himself while gifting us his righteousness.
  9. Miracles, for all their wonder and encouragement, rely on the dazzling of our senses to work. Because miracle-faith produces sensory-faith, it is of a poor quality.
  10. There is often no way forward for us without the prophetic lament, because such laments force out our honesty and resentment at the God who does not treat us as we expect to be treated.
  11. Sometimes we have to strain hard to hear words deeper than our hearts. Words not from inside, but outside. Words from God, not our own self-spun narratives.
  12. Into the suffocating prison of sorrow, God sends his Breath, his Holy Spirit to help us. We may suffer, but we will not be alone.

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