TOPIC INDEXJesus Christ (14)
  1. Little do we know the ancient and everlasting healing powers of God’s beloved tender shoot.
  2. Jesus has conquered; he who has an ear let him hear. There is nothing to run from, nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to fear because the Lamb of God has done it all.
  3. This love story goes on and on, from the beginning of time. Every retelling of this incredible story reveals a little more, exposing our inadequacy, producing more devotion, capturing unspoken emotion, inspiring us to a greater love.
  4. One gloomy, silent night, God stepped into our darkness. The Word had not only spoken but was now made flesh.
  5. But the Creator of life and breath does not wait for Moses to identify with worthiness.
  6. The sweet aroma of the life, death, and resurrection of Christ overpowers the icy winds that seek to destroy.
  7. I can pretend for a little bit, but as soon as the phone is put away and it’s just me and my sin, I am fearful about what my walk says about me. I know what I should do, but I can’t quite seem to do it.
  8. Our meditation listens to the King of Kings when He says; it is finished.
  9. This Savior’s love for His church is no small thing. He gives up His own life so that she will live.
  10. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see that simple boy. An orange sky warms the deserted streets with the final glow of safe light.

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