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  1. Love is pointing to Jesus who said, “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13).
  2. The Ichthus is a confession in picture form, a visual sermon of the gospel of Christ crucified.
  3. It is good to remember that this true story, is also beautiful.
  4. Jesus is both the image bearer and the image giver. In Jesus’ incarnation we are redeemed and re-imaged.
  5. God preserves language so he might continue to communicate his love and grace to us, and that we might communicate his love and grace to others.
  6. Every day, in everything we do and experience, we are busy hearing, seeing, and telling stories.
  7. Jesus is the great Houdini of the grave for us. And through His death, He gives us the Great Escape from death that leads to the great joy of the Resurrection.
  8. Eucatastrophe combines two Greek words: ‘eu’ meaning ‘good’ (as in eulogy or euphoria), and ‘katastrophe’ for destruction.
  9. Sacrifice is the beating heart of the Scriptures, but also of our Christian faith.
  10. On this night of nights, Christ arises victorious and sends the devil’s hordes running with no darkness to find cover; death’s dark shadow is gone

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