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  1. If you get out your red-letter bible and just read the red letters, as I did today, you're in for a shock. When you read just his words, Jesus seems harsh and pretty ticked off most of the time!
  2. Our sadness is never inconvenient or unimportant to Jesus.
  3. In the end, my only hope is that Jesus is always the initiator of mercy. He pursues me, even when I am unfaithful.
  4. As far back as I can remember, even as a small child, I have desperately tried to understand what God’s expectations or requirements are regarding my behavior.
  5. I am a time traveler now. It all started this past Christmas. My son gave my husband and me DNA kits, and the instructions suggested that.
  6. At this time of year a lot of emphasis is placed on being good. Elves on Shelves everywhere are watching our behavior and snitching to Santa, who is making up his all important list of those who have been naughty and those who have been nice.
  7. I have been very busy lately, trying to understand things.
  8. There is just something about the idea of not being ‘under Law’ that sets off all kinds of alarms in the minds of many Christians.
  9. For many years, I read this as a “salvation” verse. Jesus is knocking on the door of the hearts of the unsaved, asking to come in.
  10. A friend of mine recently expressed to me his rather unique thoughts on Narcissus.
  11. Her name meant “Rebel” or “Rebellion”. In a culture where your name was thought to reveal your whole character, either in a prophetic sense or as it was known and manifested, it was an interesting choice.
  12. There’s a lot of family drama from Thanksgiving through New Years.

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