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  1. “So loved,” then isn’t about how much but instead simply how.
  2. Cyril’s fervor for pure explication of the gospel was present throughout his career.
  3. The shepherds are the most unlikely people to play the role the angels cast them in.
  4. If Jesus is indeed the same yesterday, today, and forever, everything his enfleshment brings is already assured: life, salvation, and forgiveness.
  5. Look the judge in the eye and pin your sin on Jesus, the divine judge’s son. Jesus knows you can’t do it, so he trades places with you and pits himself against God’s righteous demands.
  6. For those of us who recognize the disciples’ despair in ourselves, Jesus comes with the same word: “Relax, it’s me. Peace be with you.”
  7. You have this Shepherd who knows your voice, your cry, your incessant baaing.
  8. This is an excerpt from “A Lutheran Toolkit” written by Ken Sundet Jones (1517 Publishing, 2021), pgs. 23-25.
  9. The setting for Luke 2 is the first century analog to my backyard. The stage is dressed with rust and decay, guilt and shame, sin and death.
  10. The parable of the wedding banquet in Matthew hinges on whether a guy is wearing the right costume for the party.
  11. The kingdom I seek is the lower-case realm ruled over by the almighty upper-case Me.
  12. Understanding the doctrine of the hypostatic union can help us understand what God is up to in the Incarnation.

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