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  1. Hey Man, Nice Shot. In this episode, we discuss Rene Girard’s argument for why Jesus’ death as a scapegoat is unique to all other sacrifices in human history. What is violence for? What is a scapegoat, and why is one necessary for peace and good order? How does Jesus break the law machinery that demands a victim?
  2. Idol Talk. In this episode, we return to Simone Weil’s book, Gravity and Grace. Idolatry is the topic of conversation. What is an idol? In what ways does idolatry infiltrate our churches, and what are the consequences? How do we guard against it?
  3. Into The Mystic. In this episode, we read and discuss the crucifixion as interpreted by Simone Weil, an anarchist, philosopher, and mystic.
  4. The Right Man for The Job. In this episode, we finish reading and discussing Leo the Great’s Lenten sermon about Christ’s two natures. What happens when the old Adam adds to Scripture’s witness to Jesus’ two natures?
  5. God Really Bodies Our Salvation. In this episode, we read and discuss a Lenten sermon from Leo the Great. What happens when the two natures of Christ are divided?
  6. I like to think of Jesus as a mischievous badger. Gillespie and Riley again read and discuss C.S. Lewis' The Joyful Christian. This episode, the Incarnation. Do we go far enough with Jesus' incarnation, to where He wants us to go with him?
  7. It’s inconceivable! Gillespie and Riley continue to read and discuss Robert Capon’s “The Mystery of Christ... and why we don’t get it.” Faith, works, and more Christian absurdity.
  8. Would You Like to Play a Game? Gillespie and Riley return to Robert Capon to read and discuss the incarnation of Jesus and how we try to turn free grace into a transaction.
  9. In this episode, Gillespie and Riley read and discuss C.S. Lewis’ thoughts on God being born a man.
  10. Two Natures and Maximum Effort! Riley and Gillespie continue to talk about Athanasius’ “On The Incarnation”, but this week they get into the historical, bodily resurrection of Jesus, and why Jesus’ resurrection upends our search for self-discovery and meaning.
  11. Two Natures and Maximum Effort! Riley and Gillespie talk about Athanasius’ apology in his writing, “On The Incarnation”, for the historical, bodily death of Jesus, and why Jesus’ death and resurrection is the end of religion.
  12. Theological Inception! Riley and Gillespie continue to talk about C.S. Lewis talking about Athanasius talking about Jesus, and offer lots of explanations for what they said in episode 2.

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