TOPIC INDEXJesus Christ (29)
  1. God has a hall ready for us, for us and for so many more
  2. We can’t predict the harvest. We can only sow.
  3. We don’t start with behavior and work toward Christ. We start with Christ and everything works out from there.
  4. If you want something empty, the tomb is the way to go. The point of the manger is that Jesus was in it. The point of the cross is that Jesus was on it.
  5. Nothing stands against you. Only Christ stands now, and he is for you, more for you than you could ever know, for you like nothing else that has ever loved you.
  6. Sometimes loss is gain. Sometimes defeat is victory. Sometimes weakness is strength. Sometimes death is life. Sometimes, that is, when Christ is at the center, on his cross and not in his tomb.
  7. What grace is this? It’s grace from Christ, who often seizes us when we least expect it, even through the hands of His enemies.
  8. God is often hidden in history, even as we make it now, but He is always manifest where He has promised to be.
  9. God is mercy. He was mercy then. He’s mercy now. God showed them His glory, if only a reflection, in the face of Moses.
  10. God saves us through people. He saves us through means. He puts a voice on the gospel.
  11. The language of faith speaks promise and persecution, hope and trial, victory and pain. The language of the world may well speak the former, but rarely the latter.
  12. Rest doesn’t come cheap. Perhaps there’s no scarcer commodity in our time. Plenty sell it, but there’s no warranty, and it seldom lasts.

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