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  1. If I don't preach Christ, then there's really no reason anyone should roll out of bed on Sunday to hear anything I have to say.
  2. In short, the life of Christ is perfect justice and perfect grace on display.
  3. Do you remember way back in May 2007, Charlie and his brother Harry were sitting on a chair when Charlie bit Harry's finger? The little guys broke the internet.
  4. When I was about 10, I went on a hike with a boys brigade. We were all racing down this path at lunchtime when I decided to beat everyone to the bottom by deviating from the path.
  5. As Wonder Woman hit theatres earlier this month and the reviews poured in, many of them carried the same sentiment: she’s the only hero in the DCEU thus far who hasn’t induced mixed feelings from the fans of the genre but instead has received near universal applause for getting the character right.
  6. Every Christian face-plants. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been saved by grace, we still face-plant.
  7. According to Martin Luther, it is human nature is a little like a drunkard trying to ride a horse.
  8. I'm in the middle of a series on Paul's letter to the Ephesians.
  9. 700 years before the first Noel, the prophet Isaiah prophesied that Christ would bear our grief and deliver us in grace. Scholars often refer to Isaiah 52:13-53:12 as the "fifth gospel" because it describes both that Christ was crucified and why Christ was crucified with incredible detail.
  10. Over the course of her career, Madonna has demonstrated an incredible commitment to reinvention, keeping herself relevant under the critical eye that accompanies the culture of constant change in the world of music and art.