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  1. As the writer to the Hebrews affirms, what makes the Christian gospel so much better is that we are no longer dealing with “types and shadows."
  2. One of the primary reasons we do not have to fear the future is because the future is certain in Christ.
  3. A group of unassuming apostles was given a graphic illustration of how the Lord would use them to turn the world right-side-up through the upside-down logic of grace.
  4. There is only one antidote to the venom of sin and death: the Savior who becomes the serpent so that every snake-bitten-sinner might live.
  5. To “trust in God in trial” means we fight our battles by kneeling and praying to “the Holy One of Israel,” who works out our deliverance by himself.
  6. Our comfort in this seemingly endless age of crisis after crisis is the inexhaustible hope of Jesus’s reversal.
  7. Our Judge (the one who can condemn us) has become our Advocate (the one who doesn’t condemn us) because he is also our Substitute (the one who takes our condemnation).
  8. The Savior wasn’t always forthright with his intentions behind using and relaying certain parabolic narratives.
  9. The Word of the Lord is sure. The enemy is defeated. Salvation is waiting for you.
  10. I write this as someone who’s genuinely concerned that American congregants are getting bamboozled by preachers who are giving them less than what they need Sunday after Sunday.
  11. Your Christian faith is a bloody faith, and that ought not make you fearful or scared or embarrassed.
  12. When we — sinful, reprehensible we — become the enforcers of justice, we never bring about true justice. We either go too far or not far enough.

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