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  1. Martha’s pain is not met by a to-do list. Jesus’ reply is not that she should try harder or change her behavior
  2. The cross is not some mystic metaphor for the change we must undergo before our self-realization, but the earth-shattering event that changed the course of eternity.
  3. Your faith is not dependent on whether or not you suffer well. Your faith is dependent on the fact that Christ did.
  4. Mere confrontation in the form of, “What you’re doing is wrong—you need to change yourself,” can never solve the root of our problem.
  5. The wizard stares into Billy Batson’s eyes. “Speak my name so my powers may flow through you.”
  6. We don’t need another human to love us, so we become our own divinity full of self-directed, unconditional acceptance.
  7. Any and all failure is re-written to portray us as either victor or victim.
  8. He is and evermore shall be God With Us: though we await His second physical Advent, He is still fully human and fully present in His Word and Sacraments.
  9. This blog is a part of our Advent series on the hope we find in, through and given by Christ. Each week’s installment will look at hope from a different perspective with special emphasis on corresponding passages of Scripture.
  10. The only sea of tranquility that can unite God and man and bring brotherhood among us is found in the Word and sacraments.
  11. When guilt becomes our totem, it dictates our idea of right and wrong and enslaves us to the fear of what happens when we open our eyes tomorrow morning.

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