TOPIC INDEXPractical Theology (10)
  1. While the insights in each chapter are uniquely personal to the individual writers, the overarching theme is one of the sufficiency of Christ.
  2. The cross is not some mystic metaphor for the change we must undergo before our self-realization, but the earth-shattering event that changed the course of eternity.
  3. The well-meaning advice “time heals all wounds” is offensively false when we confront the overwhelming evidence that the constants in our lives are death, taxes, and suffering.
  4. Your faith is not dependent on whether or not you suffer well. Your faith is dependent on the fact that Christ did.
  5. We don’t need another human to love us, so we become our own divinity full of self-directed, unconditional acceptance.
  6. The more I seek God on my own terms, the deeper I am gazing at my own navel.
  7. The desire to go home—or to find the place where one truly belongs—is latent in every human being.
  8. Sehnsucht can echo the truth, but only Scripture reveals the God who experiences it.
  9. Writer’s Block, however, entertains no such fantasies. It goes straight for my ego’s jugular and pounds home the fact that I’m not good enough.
  10. The absence of a feeling is not the absence of Christ, but as emotional, rational, and spiritual beings, we cannot say that the presence of Christ necessitates the absence of emotion.