TOPIC INDEXPractical Theology (7)
  1. The sword of the spirit in Holy Scripture does indeed show us our sin, but thanks be to God, it also shows us our Savior.
  2. The church’s song goes on and on, singing and ringing down to us today.
  3. Christian peace is not the absence of problems, but it is the presence of God amid our pain and sorrows.
  4. Although theirs is an impressive show of faith, the display of God’s faithfulness to them is far greater. After all, faith is only as strong as the object in which it is placed.
  5. Heaven may seem like a long way off right now, but it is as close to you as a gentle word spoken, a splash of water, a bit of bread, and a sip of wine.
  6. All creation joins together to repeat the sounding joy.
  7. Jesus gave His disciples the Lord’s Prayer as a gift. It’s really our prayer when you think about it.